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Individual owners and homeowners associations

Centralise information, control repairs or request services in an efficient manner, thanks to our services and technological products that make the management of real estate easy and efficient.

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Technology for efficient management

Products designed to access your property information easily, request services or plan the maintenance of your property, with the advice of a specialised technician at all times.

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Digital platform with a mobile tool for the remote execution of claim adjustments or reparations management, to give an immediate service, improving customer satisfaction while reduce time and cost on the insurance companies management ...

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Services designed especially for you

Our technicians guarantee a quality service, searching for the best solution while looking after the interests of the community.

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libro edificio ite

Technical Building Inspection (ITE)

We execute the mandatory Buildings Technical Inspections to verify the state of conservation of the property and prevent material damage or physical risks....

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informe evaluacion edificios

Building Evaluation Report (IEE)

Through the mandatory Building Evaluation Report, we evaluate the current state of the building, including the accessibility compliance and their energy efficiency grade....

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libro edificacion

Building Log Book

We ensure the effective conservation of the property collecting all the necessary documentation, providing the community with the necessary instructions for use and maintenance of their building....

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plan rehabilitacion sensedi

Restoration Plan

We analyse the necessary interventions and their scheduling to keep your building in good condition....

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analisis comparativo

Comparative Estimate Analysis

Analysis and study of the budgets presented by the different companies based on the technical guidelines set by the trusted community technician....

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libro edificio direccion obra

Project management and site management

We execute all the necessary documentation to carry out the project in compliance with the regulations, ensuring at the same time the success of the entire intervention, starting with the project writing and ending with the management and supervision of the works....

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vida edificio

Building Life-Cycle Dossier

All the information about the building's history, state diagnostics and recommendations to improve the building’s state of maintenance in an immediate and easy accessible platform....

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facility management comunidades particulares

Facility Management

Our integral building maintenance services optimise management processes, save costs and ensure the proper functioning of buildings and their associated services. ...

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certificado cedula

Certificates and Documents

Work with professionals who use advanced technological tools to optimise the time spent on these procedures....

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factura electrica

Electric Billing Analysis

We analyse your current electricity bill and compare it with different rates from electricity trading companies to find the one that will allow you to lower your annual electricity cost....

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  • Technical and Regulatory Due Diligence.
  • Study of implementation and optimisation of cleaning, concierge, gardening and maintenance services.
  • Analysis of the implementation of new safety installations, lifts, stair lifts, renewable energies, electric vehicle recharging.
  • Optimisation of consumption and supply of electricity, water and gas.
  • Negotiation of maintenance contracts.
  • Elaboration, control and supervision of maintenance plans and schedules.
  • Adaptation and enhancement of spaces.