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The tool that allows you to use the client or supplier smartphone to run services remotely. Inspection, video-appraisal and control of repairs in a immediate and simple way. One-click telepresence services upon customer request.

CoP provides remote services management and communication through smartphones, without any application installation. CoP allows the request and execution of inspection services, claims assessments or repairs controls simply using a mobile phone.

Improve your management efficiency with the video communication system: It reduces timescales and costs, and increases client satisfaction by offering ‘video care’ services whenever and wherever the customer desires.

CoP enables to:

  • Manage all your customers and suppliers incidents immediately through telepresence.
  • Manage repairs via video call.
  • Check repairs to be carried out.
  • Resolve queries and incidents.
  • Carry out an audit of repairers.
  • Have complete control of incidents.
  • Perform real time claim adjustments.
  • Approve budgets quickly.
  • Offer quality services when and where the customer needs them.
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Your savings are our strongest guarantee


Savings on claims costs


Savings on claims adjustment times

1 day

Waiting time to receive the bank transfer.

Real case

Claim adjustment on an insured home.

A homeowners association of Murcia (Spain) requests an claim adjustment on the roof of the building that has leaks due to rain. The Claim Adjuster quickly contacts the property of the last flat.

Thanks to the use of CoP, the insurance adjuster conducts an immediate video appraisal and concludes that the community must be compensated

Customer and broker satisfaction is guaranteed by the simplicity and speed of the CoP powered solution, while the insurance company makes savings by reducing management times and travel costs

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    Neighbourhood community

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    Rainwater infiltration

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    Service provided

    Online video-survey

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    Report carried out and compensation granted the same day

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SENSEDI, also on your mobile

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Download the app that allows you to be present near your customers or suppliers without leaving the office.

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