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Building’s life Dossier

All the information about the building's history, state diagnostics and recommendations to improve the building’s state of maintenance in an immediate and easy accessible platform.

The Building’s Life Dossier contains all the data and characteristics of the property.

The Building’s Life Dossier stores the history of interventions together with all the photographs taken, displays diagnostics of the state of the different parts of the building, and make recommendations in order to improve the building’s state of maintenance.

The information, showed on an interactive and personalized 3D view, allows owners and real estate agents to develop the best building maintenance plan to reduce monthly operating costs, avoid unplanned costs and keep the place where the people live in good condition, helping at the same time to reduce the loss ratio of the building.

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Why choose SENSEDI

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

Real-time monitoring.

Access to the history of the property.

Data on damage and interventions affecting the building.

Recommendations for safety and maintenance.

Planning and management of future actions.

Information on the state of the property.

The Building’s Life Dossier allows you to:

  • Know the state of the building at all times.
  • Access the history of any claims and actions.
  • Obtain recommendations on safety and maintenance.
  • Plan and manage actions to avoid major works.
  • Carry out real-time monitoring of interventions.
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