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Projects and Construction Management

We execute all the necessary documentation to carry out the project in compliance with the regulations, ensuring at the same time the success of the entire intervention, starting with the project writing and ending with the management and supervision of the works.

We assist you throughout the entire process of repairs, improvement or refurbishment of the building.

Our technical experts monitor the planning and implementation of all phases of the works, avoiding unforeseen events and looking after the interests of the community. We take responsibility for the success of the project.

Why choose SENSEDI

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

Single point of contact.

Multidisciplinary team.

Consultancy services from technical experts.

Cost reduction.

Reliable technicians.

Management without surprises.

Saves time.

Assistance with requests for subsidies.

Prioritisation of the interests of the community.

Monitoring compliance with initial needs.

Your savings are our strongest guarantee

Peace of mind

You know your money is well invested


When your interests are defended


In an interdisciplinary team

With Project management and site management you will be able to:

  • Determine the needs of the property.
  • Look after the interests of the community.
  • Monitor compliance with needs.
  • Avoid economic deviations.
  • Have a single point of contact.
  • Apply for grants and subsidies.
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Real case

The importance of technical advice

After some time searching for an optimal solution to a recurring problem with the façade of a building in Salou (Catalonia, Spain), the community hired the Project and Site Management team.

After an in-depth analysis, we offered those responsible for the building a lasting and effective solution. In addition, our technical team explained why the issues with the building had not been resolved during previous refurbishment attempts.

In this case, the building suffered from serious structural problems that required a long-term solution to keep its façade in good condition for at least another 60 years. Today the community can live in peace and enjoy a completely new, safe and durable façade.

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    Project management service

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    Long-lasting solution to a recurring problem

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This document allows you to comply with current regulations while at the same time guaranteeing the effective conservation of the building, its accessibility and its degree of energy efficiency.

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estudio comparativo

Comparative Estimate Analysis

All the execution costs provided by each supplier are collected and compared.

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libro edificio

Building Log Book

The necessary interventions are scheduled and their cost is analysed.

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