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Building Evaluation Report (IEE)

Through the mandatory Building Evaluation Report, we evaluate the current state of the building, including the accessibility compliance and their energy efficiency grade.

The Spanish IEE is a mandatory building assessment report consisting of an evaluation of the maintenance state of the building, an accessibility compliance analysis and the execution of the review to obtain a valid energy efficiency certificate for all floors of the building.

The timeframes for completion and scope of the inspection of the building vary depending on the Autonomous Community, province or municipality where the property is located.

In addition, we issue a customized report including hints to solve any deficiencies found, and we expose and present it to the community and / or property administrator, who decides whether to submit the IEE to the relevant authority.

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Why choose SENSEDI for your IEE

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

Building Evaluation Report with personalised recommendations.

Exposure to the community: we explain all the conclusions of the ITE and solve all the queries

Management without surprises.

Transparency of information.

Consultancy services from technical experts.

Specialised reference technician.


With Building Evaluation Report (IEE) you will be able to:

  • Find out about the state of repair of the property.
  • Prevent more expensive refurbishments.
  • Certify the energy rating.
  • Find out about the reasonable adjustments that can be made to improve accessibility.
  • Adapt the property to regulations.
  • Get access to grants and subsidies.

Request your IEE quote without obligation.

Real case

Savings on cost thanks to the IEE

Upon completing rehabilitation works in a community in Oviedo, it was decided that the Building Evaluation Report (IEE) would be carried out.

The IEE allowed the community to be aware of the current state of the building, apply for a grant and complete the work, avoiding problems and saving money on future repairs.

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    Neighbourhood community

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    Service provided

    Building Evaluation Report carried out

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    Saving on costs and prevention of more costly renovations

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