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Renovation Agent

Planning to apply for a grant to renovate your property?
Do you know that there are now Renovation Agents?


The Spanish Government has set up the role of the Renovation Agent to make it easier to apply for aid for renovating properties. After introducing aid and grants for renovating homes and apartment blocks, a new service was needed to provide owners of residential properties with a single, streamlined channel for handling the entire turnkey process.

Renovating homes and buildings is supported by European funds to make housing more sustainable and efficient which in turn will bring financial and environmental benefits for Spain. The Government’s Recovery and Resilience Plan funded by the Next Generation EU programme earmarks €6.83 billion to renovate Spanish housing and make it more sustainable.

What is a Renovation Agent?

A Renovation Agent is an individual or legal entity whether public or private that promotes, oversees, monitors, handles and receives public aid for renovating properties.

This includes drawing up documents and/or project designs along with everything needed to undertake renovation or improvement works which may be eligible for grants. A Renovation Agent may also help with getting funding for the measures including by using mechanisms such as transferring rights to payment or similar mechanisms.

In a nutshell, a Renovation Agent deals with the entire process of handling grants for renovating housing and residential buildings from drawing up all the technical paperwork and managing and processing the grant application(s) to getting the funding.

This means everything that needs to be done in a project is seen to by a single person or organisation which in turn streamlines procedures, shortens processing times and locks in the costs and deadlines for the renovation of properties, homes or residential buildings. The procedures are carried out by a single individual or organisation to cut out intermediaries who all too often may hold up the process.

Quines són les funcions de l’agent rehabilitador?

Renovation Agents do the following in a grant application process:

  • Finding the grants needed and securing funding.
  • Drawing up all renovation reports for the property. This starts with the preliminary report on the renovation of the home or building and setting out its current energy efficiency situation and the technical feasibility of the project and ends with the final report on the renovation carried out and compliance with requirements and deadlines.
  • Coordinating approval of proposals with the Architecture Department.
  • Representing the developer in administrative procedures.

Advantages of using a Renovation Agent

If you want to renovate a building or home supported by EU funds, you will need an expert in energy efficiency measures which cut the energy usage of the home and/or residential building. A Renovation Agent handles the paperwork for processing grant applications and also draws up all the technical documents concerning the renovation of the property.


The Renovation Agent designs and/or customises the measures needed to make the building more energy-efficient. Bear in mind that over three million residential buildings in Spain are more than 50 years old and some one million of them are in poor or rundown condition. In addition, most buildings have an E, F or G energy rating, i.e. they are not energy efficient.


The Renovation Agent supervises and oversees the implementation of the renovation project and always looks after the owner’s interests, thus minimising the risk of time and cost overruns and ensuring that the work is carried out to high quality standards.


A Renovation Agent helps to get the highest possible grant ratio. EU funds cover between 40% and 80% of actions depending on the degree of energy efficiency achieved. This ratio can even go up to 100% in actions for vulnerable groups.

Looking for a Renovation Agent?

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