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In-person and video loss adjustments

Using the latest technology, we advise and accompany the insured party, while we optimize the claim adjustment processes by decreasing times and costs of insurance companies and/or assistance

We have a national Spanish network of specialist that evaluate the causes and circumstances of the loss, identify the corresponding coverage and assess the damage accurately and objectively. The digitalization and automation of processes allows us to carry out efficient, high-quality adjuster’s reports.

In addition, we capture all risk data for the subsequent actuarial exploitation of the databases.

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What types of surveys do we offer?



We execute an agile and quality loss adjustment on-site, with full traceability and transparency through our digital and mobility tools.

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  • Implementation of the on-site damage assessment.
  • Rapid and automatic assignment of loss adjusters.
  • Use of digital and mobility tools to obtain information and results on site in real time.
  • Process control and traceability.
  • Immediate and transparent access to information.


Reliable and swift claim monitoring carried out trough technical analysis of documentation and data contrast. We offer a quality and agile service with significant cost reduction.

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  • Minimisation of fraud and associated costs.
  • Improvement of claim control.
  • Saving time during the compensation process.
  • Preparation of survey reports based on analysis of the documented invoices provided to the insurer.

Video online

Online claim adjustments, simple and immediate, with the use of the smartphone camera. This service increases customer satisfaction and saves on time and cost for the insurance company.

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  • Real-time adjuster’s reports via the mobile phone of the insured party, the repairer or the injured party without installing any app.
  • Reduction of time and associated costs.
  • Rapid and automatic assignment of experts or repairers.
  • Improves policy holder satisfaction.
  • Available to the insured party without an appointment.
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Second expert opinion

Online advice and management of incidents during claims proceedings and / or repairs with our remote video communication tool (CoP). Via a video call, an expert will advise the affected party on the causes and circumstances of the incident, a basic assessment of the visible damage and the best way to carry out repairs.

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  • Advice on expert proceedings and / or repair of claims.
  • Real-time expert reports via video call.
  • Reduction of time and associated costs.
  • Rapid and automatic assignment of experts.
  • Improves policy holder satisfaction.

Why choose SENSEDI

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

Process automation

Transparent information

Online incident resolution

Reduction of time and costs

Ease and agility for the customer

Satisfaction of the insured party

Real-time expertise

Experience and specialisation in surveying

National network of experts

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