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Repair Audits

The documentation is compared with the repair work carried out to confirm that there are no deviations in cost, quality and service.

We have a national network of specialist experts and impartial personnel who control the repairs carried out by the assistance service.

We check the billing documentation against the service provided in order to detect possible deviations in cost, quality and service, coverage and the satisfaction of the insurance company.

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What types of surveys do we offer?



We execute an agile and quality loss adjustment on-site, with full traceability and transparency through our digital and mobility tools.

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  • We contrast the information in situ at our own risk.
  • We use digital tools to capture data and document the service in real time.
  • We obtain immediate and transparent information.


Reliable and swift claim monitoring carried out trough technical analysis of documentation and data contrast. We offer a quality and agile service with significant cost reduction.

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  • We contrast the documentary information with the reality of the situation.
  • The use of digital tools speeds up processes and reduces lead times.
  • We reduce claims costs per direct and indirect action

Video online

Online claim adjustments, simple and immediate, with the use of the smartphone camera. This service increases customer satisfaction and saves on time and cost for the insurance company.

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  • We drastically reduce claims.
  • We increase control over jobs.
  • We reduce intervention and management times.

Why choose SENSEDI

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

Video audits.

Confirmation of coverage.

Quarterly information.

Fraud detection.

Cost reduction.

Application of scales.

Optimisation of trade union coordination.

National network of experts.

Control can be recovered at critical moments.

With Survey Audits you will be able to:

  • Analyse deviations in cost and quality.
  • Contrast the work done with that invoiced.
  • Check customer satisfaction.
  • Apply the price scales correctly.
  • Control the quality of repairs.
  • Proposals to correct or improve the price scale.

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Real case

Humidity repair

In the event of a request for a face-to-face audit, the expert comes to check the insured finite risk and the status of the repair carried out. After the analysis, he warned that the entire living room of the house should be painted, since during the repair only the affected wall was painted.

Assistance is again requested to ensure that the repair work is properly completed. Thanks to the audit, it was possible to compare the work performed with that invoiced and to order the completion of the same at no additional cost.

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    Saving on costs by comparing the work carried out with that invoiced

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A telepresence system allows you to be present with customers and suppliers through your smartphone.

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