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Risk Verification

This service assesses the characteristics and conditions of the finite risk to be insured.

Risk Verification is an expert service whereby our national network of specialised technicians evaluate the conditions of the finite risk to be insured, determining its technical characteristics, its value and possible aggravations.

The data obtained can be combined with the survey data to develop predictive tools that limit and assess risk.

Why choose SENSEDI

Our services are carried out with technology that lets us be transparent.
That way you can be sure that you always have all the information you need.

National network of experts.

Swift verifications.

Digitalisation of processes.

Rigour throughout the assessment.

Use of predictive tools.

Expert and independent technicians.

Savings on management time.

Optimisation of processes.

Advice to clients.

Technical recommendations.

Production of mobility reports in real time.

Your savings are our strongest guarantee



Adequacy of guarantees and premiums.



Verification with mobility.



Reduction of the management cycle.

With Risk Verification you will be able to:

  • Assess the risk to be insured.
  • Consider the risk conditions.
  • Access a simpler analysis.
  • Make decisions based on aggravations.
verificacion riesgos

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Real case

Verification of risk before insuring

The surveyor carries out an inspection in a neighbourhood community. After visiting the common areas, he concludes that the property is in good condition, but presents a risk of rainwater seepage. He recommends that the president waterproof the sinkhole area.

The insurer is informed of the good condition of the property and the risk of rainwater seepage. The insurance company decides to maintain the guarantees offered before the inspection. Thanks to the use of the Risk Verification service, the company knows the risks of the property, adapts the guarantees and avoids the situation of under-insurance.

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    Neighbourhood community

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    Service provided

    Risk assessment prior to insuring

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    Risk assessment for insurance and to avoid underinsurance

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